package parquet

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Type Members

  1. case class InsertIntoParquetTable(relation: ParquetRelation, child: SparkPlan, overwrite: Boolean = false)(sqlContext: SQLContext) extends SparkPlan with UnaryNode with SparkHadoopMapReduceUtil with Product with Serializable

    Operator that acts as a sink for queries on RDDs and can be used to store the output inside a directory of Parquet files.

  2. case class ParquetTableScan(output: Seq[Attribute], relation: ParquetRelation, columnPruningPred: Seq[Expression])(sqlContext: SQLContext) extends SparkPlan with LeafNode with Product with Serializable

    Parquet table scan operator.

Value Members

  1. object CatalystArrayConverter

  2. object ParquetFilters