package util

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Type Members

  1. class BoundedPriorityQueue[A] extends Iterable[A] with Growable[A] with Serializable

    Bounded priority queue.

  2. class Distribution extends AnyRef

    Util for getting some stats from a small sample of numeric values, with some handy summary functions.

  3. case class MutablePair[T1, T2](_1: T1, _2: T2) extends Product2[T1, T2] with Product with Serializable

    A tuple of 2 elements.

  4. class StatCounter extends Serializable

    A class for tracking the statistics of a set of numbers (count, mean and variance) in a numerically robust way.

  5. class TimeStampedHashMap[A, B] extends Map[A, B] with Logging

    This is a custom implementation of scala.

  6. class TimeStampedHashSet[A] extends Set[A]

  7. class Vector extends Serializable

Value Members

  1. object Distribution

  2. object StatCounter extends Serializable

  3. object Vector extends Serializable