package serializer

Pluggable serializers for RDD and shuffle data.

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Type Members

  1. trait DeserializationStream extends AnyRef

    :: DeveloperApi :: A stream for reading serialized objects.

  2. class JavaSerializer extends Serializer with Externalizable

    :: DeveloperApi :: A Spark serializer that uses Java's built-in serialization.

  3. trait KryoRegistrator extends AnyRef

    Interface implemented by clients to register their classes with Kryo when using Kryo serialization.

  4. class KryoSerializer extends Serializer with Logging with Serializable

    A Spark serializer that uses the Kryo serialization library.

  5. trait SerializationStream extends AnyRef

    :: DeveloperApi :: A stream for writing serialized objects.

  6. trait Serializer extends AnyRef

    :: DeveloperApi :: A serializer.

  7. trait SerializerInstance extends AnyRef

    :: DeveloperApi :: An instance of a serializer, for use by one thread at a time.

Value Members

  1. object Serializer

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