package graphx

ALPHA COMPONENT GraphX is a graph processing framework built on top of Spark.

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Type Members

  1. case class Edge[ED](srcId: VertexId = 0, dstId: VertexId = 0, attr: ED = null.asInstanceOf[ED]) extends Serializable with Product

    A single directed edge consisting of a source id, target id, and the data associated with the edge.

  2. class EdgeDirection extends Serializable

    The direction of a directed edge relative to a vertex.

  3. class EdgeRDD[ED, VD] extends RDD[Edge[ED]]

    EdgeRDD[ED, VD] extends RDD[Edge[ED]] by storing the edges in columnar format on each partition for performance.

  4. class EdgeTriplet[VD, ED] extends Edge[ED]

    An edge triplet represents an edge along with the vertex attributes of its neighboring vertices.

  5. abstract class Graph[VD, ED] extends Serializable

    The Graph abstractly represents a graph with arbitrary objects associated with vertices and edges.

  6. class GraphKryoRegistrator extends KryoRegistrator

    Registers GraphX classes with Kryo for improved performance.

  7. class GraphOps[VD, ED] extends Serializable

    Contains additional functionality for Graph.

  8. type PartitionID = Int

    Integer identifer of a graph partition.

    Integer identifer of a graph partition. Must be less than 2^30.

  9. trait PartitionStrategy extends Serializable

    Represents the way edges are assigned to edge partitions based on their source and destination vertex IDs.

  10. type VertexId = Long

    A 64-bit vertex identifier that uniquely identifies a vertex within a graph.

    A 64-bit vertex identifier that uniquely identifies a vertex within a graph. It does not need to follow any ordering or any constraints other than uniqueness.

  11. class VertexRDD[VD] extends RDD[(VertexId, VD)]

    Extends RDD[(VertexId, VD)] by ensuring that there is only one entry for each vertex and by pre-indexing the entries for fast, efficient joins.

Value Members

  1. object Edge extends Serializable

  2. object EdgeDirection extends Serializable

    A set of EdgeDirections.

  3. object EdgeRDD extends Serializable

  4. object Graph extends Serializable

    The Graph object contains a collection of routines used to construct graphs from RDDs.

  5. object GraphLoader extends Logging

    Provides utilities for loading Graphs from files.

  6. object PartitionStrategy extends Serializable

    Collection of built-in PartitionStrategy implementations.

  7. object Pregel extends Logging

    Implements a Pregel-like bulk-synchronous message-passing API.

  8. object VertexRDD extends Serializable

    The VertexRDD singleton is used to construct VertexRDDs.

  9. package impl

  10. package lib

    Various analytics functions for graphs.

  11. package util

    Collections of utilities used by graphx.

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