package feature

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  1. class HashingTF extends Serializable

    :: Experimental :: Maps a sequence of terms to their term frequencies using the hashing trick.

  2. class IDF extends AnyRef

    :: Experimental :: Inverse document frequency (IDF).

  3. class IDFModel extends Serializable

    :: Experimental :: Represents an IDF model that can transform term frequency vectors.

  4. class Normalizer extends VectorTransformer

    :: Experimental :: Normalizes samples individually to unit Lp norm

  5. class StandardScaler extends Logging

    :: Experimental :: Standardizes features by removing the mean and scaling to unit variance using column summary statistics on the samples in the training set.

  6. class StandardScalerModel extends VectorTransformer

    :: Experimental :: Represents a StandardScaler model that can transform vectors.

  7. trait VectorTransformer extends Serializable

    :: DeveloperApi :: Trait for transformation of a vector

  8. class Word2Vec extends Serializable with Logging

    :: Experimental :: Word2Vec creates vector representation of words in a text corpus.

  9. class Word2VecModel extends Serializable

    :: Experimental :: Word2Vec model