package ml

Spark ML is an ALPHA component that adds a new set of machine learning APIs to let users quickly assemble and configure practical machine learning pipelines.

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Type Members

  1. abstract class Estimator[M <: Model[M]] extends PipelineStage with Params

    :: AlphaComponent :: Abstract class for estimators that fit models to data.

  2. abstract class Evaluator extends Identifiable

    :: AlphaComponent :: Abstract class for evaluators that compute metrics from predictions.

  3. abstract class Model[M <: Model[M]] extends Transformer

    :: AlphaComponent :: A fitted model, i.

  4. class Pipeline extends Estimator[PipelineModel]

    :: AlphaComponent :: A simple pipeline, which acts as an estimator.

  5. class PipelineModel extends Model[PipelineModel] with Logging

    :: AlphaComponent :: Represents a compiled pipeline.

  6. abstract class PipelineStage extends Serializable with Logging

    :: AlphaComponent :: A stage in a pipeline, either an Estimator or a Transformer.

  7. abstract class Transformer extends PipelineStage with Params

    :: AlphaComponent :: Abstract class for transformers that transform one dataset into another.

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  1. package classification

  2. package evaluation

  3. package feature

  4. package param

  5. package tuning

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