package clustering

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Type Members

  1. class KMeans extends Serializable with Logging

    K-means clustering with support for multiple parallel runs and a k-means++ like initialization mode (the k-means|| algorithm by Bahmani et al).

  2. class KMeansModel extends Serializable

    A clustering model for K-means.

  3. class StreamingKMeans extends Logging

    :: DeveloperApi :: StreamingKMeans provides methods for configuring a streaming k-means analysis, training the model on streaming, and using the model to make predictions on streaming data.

  4. class StreamingKMeansModel extends KMeansModel with Logging

    :: DeveloperApi :: StreamingKMeansModel extends MLlib's KMeansModel for streaming algorithms, so it can keep track of a continuously updated weight associated with each cluster, and also update the model by doing a single iteration of the standard k-means algorithm.

Value Members

  1. object KMeans extends Serializable

    Top-level methods for calling K-means clustering.