package hive

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Type Members

  1. class HiveContext extends SQLContext

    An instance of the Spark SQL execution engine that integrates with data stored in Hive.

  2. class HiveFunctionWrapper extends Externalizable

    This class provides the UDF creation and also the UDF instance serialization and de-serialization cross process boundary.

  3. class ShimFileSinkDesc extends Serializable with Logging

  4. class LocalHiveContext extends HiveContext

    DEPRECATED: Use HiveContext instead.

Value Members

  1. object HiveContext extends Serializable

  2. object HiveMetastoreTypes extends RegexParsers

    :: DeveloperApi :: Provides conversions between Spark SQL data types and Hive Metastore types.

  3. package api

  4. package execution

  5. package parquet

  6. package test

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