package classification

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Type Members

  1. abstract class ClassificationModel[FeaturesType, M <: ClassificationModel[FeaturesType, M]] extends PredictionModel[FeaturesType, M] with ClassifierParams

    :: DeveloperApi ::

  2. abstract class Classifier[FeaturesType, E <: Classifier[FeaturesType, E, M], M <: ClassificationModel[FeaturesType, M]] extends Predictor[FeaturesType, E, M] with ClassifierParams

    :: DeveloperApi ::

  3. final class DecisionTreeClassificationModel extends PredictionModel[Vector, DecisionTreeClassificationModel] with DecisionTreeModel with Serializable

    :: Experimental :: Decision tree model for classification.

  4. final class DecisionTreeClassifier extends Predictor[Vector, DecisionTreeClassifier, DecisionTreeClassificationModel] with DecisionTreeParams with TreeClassifierParams

    :: Experimental :: Decision tree learning algorithm for classification.

  5. final class GBTClassificationModel extends PredictionModel[Vector, GBTClassificationModel] with TreeEnsembleModel with Serializable

    :: Experimental :: Gradient-Boosted Trees (GBTs) model for classification.

  6. final class GBTClassifier extends Predictor[Vector, GBTClassifier, GBTClassificationModel] with GBTParams with TreeClassifierParams with Logging

    :: Experimental :: Gradient-Boosted Trees (GBTs) learning algorithm for classification.

  7. class LogisticRegression extends ProbabilisticClassifier[Vector, LogisticRegression, LogisticRegressionModel] with LogisticRegressionParams with Logging

    :: Experimental :: Logistic regression.

  8. class LogisticRegressionModel extends ProbabilisticClassificationModel[Vector, LogisticRegressionModel] with LogisticRegressionParams

    :: Experimental :: Model produced by LogisticRegression.

  9. final class OneVsRest extends Estimator[OneVsRestModel] with OneVsRestParams

    :: Experimental ::

  10. final class OneVsRestModel extends Model[OneVsRestModel] with OneVsRestParams

    :: Experimental :: Model produced by OneVsRest.

  11. final class RandomForestClassificationModel extends PredictionModel[Vector, RandomForestClassificationModel] with TreeEnsembleModel with Serializable

    :: Experimental :: Random Forest model for classification.

  12. final class RandomForestClassifier extends Predictor[Vector, RandomForestClassifier, RandomForestClassificationModel] with RandomForestParams with TreeClassifierParams

    :: Experimental :: Random Forest learning algorithm for classification.

Value Members

  1. object DecisionTreeClassifier extends Serializable

  2. object GBTClassifier extends Serializable

  3. object RandomForestClassifier extends Serializable