package java

Spark Java programming APIs.

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Type Members

  1. class JavaDoubleRDD extends AbstractJavaRDDLike[Double, JavaDoubleRDD]

  2. trait JavaFutureAction[T] extends Future[T]

  3. class JavaHadoopRDD[K, V] extends JavaPairRDD[K, V]

  4. class JavaNewHadoopRDD[K, V] extends JavaPairRDD[K, V]

  5. class JavaPairRDD[K, V] extends AbstractJavaRDDLike[(K, V), JavaPairRDD[K, V]]

  6. class JavaRDD[T] extends AbstractJavaRDDLike[T, JavaRDD[T]]

  7. trait JavaRDDLike[T, This <: JavaRDDLike[T, This]] extends Serializable

    Defines operations common to several Java RDD implementations.

  8. class JavaSparkContext extends JavaSparkContextVarargsWorkaround with Closeable

    A Java-friendly version of org.apache.spark.SparkContext that returns and works with Java collections instead of Scala ones.

  9. class JavaSparkStatusTracker extends AnyRef

    Low-level status reporting APIs for monitoring job and stage progress.

  10. class StorageLevels extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object JavaDoubleRDD extends Serializable

  2. object JavaPairRDD extends Serializable

  3. object JavaRDD extends Serializable

  4. object JavaSparkContext

  5. package function

    Set of interfaces to represent functions in Spark's Java API.

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