package tuning

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Type Members

  1. class CrossValidator extends Estimator[CrossValidatorModel] with CrossValidatorParams with MLWritable with Logging

    :: Experimental :: K-fold cross validation.

  2. class CrossValidatorModel extends Model[CrossValidatorModel] with CrossValidatorParams with MLWritable

    :: Experimental :: Model from k-fold cross validation.

  3. class ParamGridBuilder extends AnyRef

    :: Experimental :: Builder for a param grid used in grid search-based model selection.

  4. class TrainValidationSplit extends Estimator[TrainValidationSplitModel] with TrainValidationSplitParams with Logging

    :: Experimental :: Validation for hyper-parameter tuning.

  5. class TrainValidationSplitModel extends Model[TrainValidationSplitModel] with TrainValidationSplitParams

    :: Experimental :: Model from train validation split.

Value Members

  1. object CrossValidator extends MLReadable[CrossValidator] with Serializable

    @Since( "1.6.0" )
  2. object CrossValidatorModel extends MLReadable[CrossValidatorModel] with Serializable

    @Since( "1.6.0" )