package feature

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Type Members

  1. class ChiSqSelector extends Serializable

    Creates a ChiSquared feature selector.

  2. class ChiSqSelectorModel extends VectorTransformer with Saveable

    Chi Squared selector model.

  3. class ElementwiseProduct extends VectorTransformer

    Outputs the Hadamard product (i.

  4. class HashingTF extends Serializable

    Maps a sequence of terms to their term frequencies using the hashing trick.

  5. class IDF extends AnyRef

    Inverse document frequency (IDF).

  6. class IDFModel extends Serializable

    Represents an IDF model that can transform term frequency vectors.

  7. class Normalizer extends VectorTransformer

    Normalizes samples individually to unit Lp norm

  8. class PCA extends AnyRef

    A feature transformer that projects vectors to a low-dimensional space using PCA.

  9. class PCAModel extends VectorTransformer

    Model fitted by PCA that can project vectors to a low-dimensional space using PCA.

  10. class StandardScaler extends Logging

    Standardizes features by removing the mean and scaling to unit std using column summary statistics on the samples in the training set.

  11. class StandardScalerModel extends VectorTransformer

    Represents a StandardScaler model that can transform vectors.

  12. trait VectorTransformer extends Serializable

    :: DeveloperApi :: Trait for transformation of a vector

  13. class Word2Vec extends Serializable with Logging

    Word2Vec creates vector representation of words in a text corpus.

  14. class Word2VecModel extends Serializable with Saveable

    Word2Vec model

Value Members

  1. object ChiSqSelectorModel extends Loader[ChiSqSelectorModel] with Serializable

  2. object Word2VecModel extends Loader[Word2VecModel] with Serializable

    @Since( "1.4.0" )