package model

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Type Members

  1. class DecisionTreeModel extends Serializable with Saveable

    Decision tree model for classification or regression.

  2. class GradientBoostedTreesModel extends TreeEnsembleModel with Saveable

    Represents a gradient boosted trees model.

  3. class InformationGainStats extends Serializable

    :: DeveloperApi :: Information gain statistics for each split

  4. class Node extends Serializable with Logging

    :: DeveloperApi :: Node in a decision tree.

  5. class Predict extends Serializable

    Predicted value for a node

  6. class RandomForestModel extends TreeEnsembleModel with Saveable

    Represents a random forest model.

  7. case class Split(feature: Int, threshold: Double, featureType: FeatureType, categories: List[Double]) extends Product with Serializable

    :: DeveloperApi :: Split applied to a feature

Value Members

  1. object DecisionTreeModel extends Loader[DecisionTreeModel] with Logging with Serializable

    @Since( "1.3.0" )
  2. object GradientBoostedTreesModel extends Loader[GradientBoostedTreesModel] with Serializable

  3. object RandomForestModel extends Loader[RandomForestModel] with Serializable

    @Since( "1.3.0" )