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Compute the sample covariance between two expressions.

Calculate the sample covariance of two numerical columns of a SparkDataFrame.


## S4 method for signature 'characterOrColumn'
cov(x, col2)

## S4 method for signature 'characterOrColumn,characterOrColumn'
covar_samp(col1, col2)

cov(x, ...)

covar_samp(col1, col2)

## S4 method for signature 'SparkDataFrame'
cov(x, colName1, colName2)



a Column or a SparkDataFrame.


the second Column.


the first Column.


additional argument(s). If x is a Column, a Column should be provided. If x is a SparkDataFrame, two column names should be provided.


the name of the first column


the name of the second column


The covariance of the two columns.


cov since 1.6.0

covar_samp since 2.0.0

cov since 1.6.0

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## Not run: 
##D cov(df$c, df$d)
##D cov("c", "d")
##D covar_samp(df$c, df$d)
##D covar_samp("c", "d")
## End(Not run)
## Not run: 
##D df <- read.json("/path/to/file.json")
##D cov <- cov(df, "title", "gender")
## End(Not run)

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