sparkR.callJStatic {SparkR}R Documentation

Call Static Java Methods


Call a static method in the JVM running the Spark driver. The return value is automatically converted to R objects for simple objects. Other values are returned as "jobj" which are references to objects on JVM.


sparkR.callJStatic(x, methodName, ...)



fully qualified Java class name that contains the static method to invoke.


name of static method to invoke.


parameters to pass to the Java method.


This is a low level function to access the JVM directly and should only be used for advanced use cases. The arguments and return values that are primitive R types (like integer, numeric, character, lists) are automatically translated to/from Java types (like Integer, Double, String, Array). A full list can be found in serialize.R and deserialize.R in the Apache Spark code base.


the return value of the Java method. Either returned as a R object if it can be deserialized or returned as a "jobj". See details section for more.


sparkR.callJStatic since 2.0.1

See Also

sparkR.callJMethod, sparkR.newJObject


## Not run: 
##D sparkR.session() # Need to have a Spark JVM running before calling callJStatic
##D sparkR.callJStatic("java.lang.System", "currentTimeMillis")
##D sparkR.callJStatic("java.lang.System", "getProperty", "java.home")
## End(Not run)

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