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Joins two SparkDataFrames based on the given join expression.


## S4 method for signature 'SparkDataFrame,SparkDataFrame'
join(x, y, joinExpr = NULL,
  joinType = NULL)



A SparkDataFrame


A SparkDataFrame


(Optional) The expression used to perform the join. joinExpr must be a Column expression. If joinExpr is omitted, the default, inner join is attempted and an error is thrown if it would be a Cartesian Product. For Cartesian join, use crossJoin instead.


The type of join to perform, default 'inner'. Must be one of: 'inner', 'cross', 'outer', 'full', 'full_outer', 'left', 'left_outer', 'right', 'right_outer', 'left_semi', or 'left_anti'.


A SparkDataFrame containing the result of the join operation.


join since 1.4.0

See Also

merge crossJoin

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## Not run: 
##D sparkR.session()
##D df1 <- read.json(path)
##D df2 <- read.json(path2)
##D join(df1, df2, df1$col1 == df2$col2) # Performs an inner join based on expression
##D join(df1, df2, df1$col1 == df2$col2, "right_outer")
##D join(df1, df2) # Attempts an inner join
## End(Not run)

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