Setting up IDEs


This section describes how to setup PySpark on PyCharm. It guides step by step to the process of downloading the source code from GitHub and running the test code successfully.

Firstly, download the Spark source code from GitHub using git url. You can download the source code by simply using git clone command as shown below. If you want to download the code from any forked repository rather than Spark original repository, please change the url properly.

git clone

When the download is completed, go to the spark directory and build the package. SBT build is generally much faster than Maven. More details about the build are documented here.

build/sbt package

After building is finished, run PyCharm and select the path spark/python.

Select the Spark path

Let’s go to the path python/pyspark/tests in PyCharm and try to run the any test like You might can see the KeyError: 'SPARK_HOME' because the environment variable has not been set yet.

Go Run -> Edit Configurations, and set the environment variables as below. Please make sure to specify your own path for SPARK_HOME rather than /.../spark. After completing the variable, click OK to apply the changes.

Setting up SPARK_HOME

Once SPARK_HOME is set properly, you’ll be able to run the tests properly as below:

Running tests properly