Expanding.quantile(quantile: float, accuracy: int = 10000) → FrameLike[source]

Calculate the expanding quantile of the values.


Value between 0 and 1 providing the quantile to compute.

accuracyint, optional

Default accuracy of approximation. Larger value means better accuracy. The relative error can be deduced by 1.0 / accuracy. This is a panda-on-Spark specific parameter.

Series or DataFrame

Returned object type is determined by the caller of the expanding calculation.

See also


Calling expanding with Series data.


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Aggregating quantile for DataFrame.


quantile in pandas-on-Spark are using distributed percentile approximation algorithm unlike pandas, the result might be different with pandas (the result is similar to the interpolation set to lower), also interpolation parameter is not supported yet.

the current implementation of this API uses Spark’s Window without specifying partition specification. This leads to move all data into single partition in single machine and could cause serious performance degradation. Avoid this method against very large dataset.


The below examples will show expanding quantile calculations with window sizes of two and three, respectively.

>>> s = ps.Series([1, 2, 3, 4])
>>> s.expanding(2).quantile(0.5)
0    NaN
1    1.0
2    2.0
3    2.0
dtype: float64
>>> s.expanding(3).quantile(0.5)
0    NaN
1    NaN
2    2.0
3    2.0
dtype: float64