Should I use PySpark’s DataFrame API or pandas API on Spark?

If you are already familiar with pandas and want to leverage Spark for big data, we recommend using pandas API on Spark. If you are learning Spark from the ground up, we recommend you start with PySpark’s API.

Does pandas API on Spark support Structured Streaming?

No, pandas API on Spark does not support Structured Streaming officially.

As a workaround, you can use pandas-on-Spark APIs with foreachBatch in Structured Streaming which allows batch APIs:

>>> def func(batch_df, batch_id):
...     pandas_on_spark_df = ps.DataFrame(batch_df)
...     pandas_on_spark_df['a'] = 1
...     print(pandas_on_spark_df)

>>> spark.readStream.format("rate").load().writeStream.foreachBatch(func).start()
                timestamp  value  a
0 2020-02-21 09:49:37.574      4  1
                timestamp  value  a
0 2020-02-21 09:49:38.574      5  1

How is pandas API on Spark different from Dask?

Different projects have different focuses. Spark is already deployed in virtually every organization, and often is the primary interface to the massive amount of data stored in data lakes. pandas API on Spark was inspired by Dask, and aims to make the transition from pandas to Spark easy for data scientists.