Interface UIRoot

public interface UIRoot
This trait is shared by the all the root containers for application UI information -- the HistoryServer and the application UI. This provides the common interface needed for them all to expose application info as json.
  • Method Details

    • checkUIViewPermissions

      boolean checkUIViewPermissions(String appId, scala.Option<String> attemptId, String user)
    • getApplicationInfo

      scala.Option<ApplicationInfo> getApplicationInfo(String appId)
    • getApplicationInfoList

      scala.collection.Iterator<ApplicationInfo> getApplicationInfoList()
    • securityManager

      org.apache.spark.SecurityManager securityManager()
    • withSparkUI

      <T> T withSparkUI(String appId, scala.Option<String> attemptId, scala.Function1<org.apache.spark.ui.SparkUI,T> fn)
      Runs some code with the current SparkUI instance for the app / attempt.

      appId - (undocumented)
      attemptId - (undocumented)
      fn - (undocumented)
      NoSuchElementException - If the app / attempt pair does not exist.
    • writeEventLogs

      void writeEventLogs(String appId, scala.Option<String> attemptId, ZipOutputStream zipStream)
      Write the event logs for the given app to the ZipOutputStream instance. If attemptId is None, event logs for all attempts of this application will be written out.
      appId - (undocumented)
      attemptId - (undocumented)
      zipStream - (undocumented)