package function

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Type Members

  1. abstract class DoubleFlatMapFunction[T] extends AbstractFunction1[T, Iterable[Double]] with Serializable

  2. abstract class DoubleFunction[T] extends WrappedFunction1[T, Double] with Serializable

  3. abstract class FlatMapFunction[T, R] extends Function[T, Iterable[R]]

    A function that returns zero or more output records from each input record.

  4. abstract class Function[T, R] extends WrappedFunction1[T, R] with Serializable

  5. abstract class Function2[T1, T2, R] extends WrappedFunction2[T1, T2, R] with Serializable

  6. abstract class PairFlatMapFunction[T, K, V] extends WrappedFunction1[T, Iterable[(K, V)]] with Serializable

  7. abstract class PairFunction[T, K, V] extends WrappedFunction1[T, (K, V)] with Serializable

  8. abstract class VoidFunction[T] extends Serializable

    A function with no return value.

Value Members

  1. object VoidFunction extends Serializable