package java

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Type Members

  1. class JavaDoubleRDD extends JavaRDDLike[Double, JavaDoubleRDD]

  2. class JavaPairRDD[K, V] extends JavaRDDLike[(K, V), JavaPairRDD[K, V]]

  3. class JavaRDD[T] extends JavaRDDLike[T, JavaRDD[T]]

  4. trait JavaRDDLike[T, This <: JavaRDDLike[T, This]] extends Serializable

  5. class JavaSparkContext extends JavaSparkContextVarargsWorkaround

    A Java-friendly version of SparkContext that returns JavaRDDs and works with Java collections instead of Scala ones.

  6. class StorageLevels extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object JavaDoubleRDD extends Serializable

  2. object JavaPairRDD extends Serializable

  3. object JavaRDD extends Serializable

  4. object JavaSparkContext extends AnyRef

  5. object StorageLevels extends

  6. package function