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Class PickleSerializer

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  object --+        
  Serializer --+    
FramedSerializer --+

Serializes objects using Python's cPickle serializer:

This serializer supports nearly any Python object, but may
not be as fast as more specialized serializers.

Instance Methods
dumps(self, obj)
Serialize an object into a byte array.
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Inherited from FramedSerializer: __init__, dump_stream, load_stream

Inherited from Serializer: __eq__, __ne__

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Class Variables
  loads = cPickle.loads
Deserialize an object from a byte array.

Inherited from object: __class__

Method Details

dumps(self, obj)

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Serialize an object into a byte array. When batching is used, this will be called with an array of objects.

Overrides: FramedSerializer.dumps
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