package param

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Type Members

  1. class BooleanParam extends Param[Boolean]

    Specialized version of Param[Boolean] for Java.

  2. class DoubleParam extends Param[Double]

    Specialized version of Param[Double] for Java.

  3. class FloatParam extends Param[Float]

    Specialized version of Param[Float] for Java.

  4. class IntParam extends Param[Int]

    Specialized version of Param[Int] for Java.

  5. class LongParam extends Param[Long]

    Specialized version of Param[Long] for Java.

  6. class Param[T] extends Serializable

    :: AlphaComponent :: A param with self-contained documentation and optionally default value.

  7. class ParamMap extends Serializable

    :: AlphaComponent :: A param to value map.

  8. case class ParamPair[T](param: Param[T], value: T) extends Product with Serializable

    A param amd its value.

  9. trait Params extends Identifiable with Serializable

    :: AlphaComponent :: Trait for components that take parameters.

Value Members

  1. object ParamMap extends Serializable