Class ContextAwareIterator<T>

All Implemented Interfaces:
scala.collection.GenTraversableOnce<T>, scala.collection.Iterator<T>, scala.collection.TraversableOnce<T>

public class ContextAwareIterator<T> extends Object implements scala.collection.Iterator<T>
:: DeveloperApi :: A TaskContext aware iterator.

As the Python evaluation consumes the parent iterator in a separate thread, it could consume more data from the parent even after the task ends and the parent is closed. If an off-heap access exists in the parent iterator, it could cause segmentation fault which crashes the executor. Thus, we should use ContextAwareIterator to stop consuming after the task ends.

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    scala.collection.Iterator.GroupedIterator<B extends Object>, scala.collection.Iterator.SliceIterator<A extends Object>

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    scala.collection.TraversableOnce.BufferedCanBuildFrom<A extends Object,CC extends scala.collection.TraversableOnce<Object>>, scala.collection.TraversableOnce.FlattenOps<A extends Object>, scala.collection.TraversableOnce.ForceImplicitAmbiguity, scala.collection.TraversableOnce.MonadOps<A extends Object>, scala.collection.TraversableOnce.OnceCanBuildFrom<A extends Object>
  • Constructor Summary

    ContextAwareIterator(TaskContext context, scala.collection.Iterator<T> delegate)
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  • Constructor Details

    • ContextAwareIterator

      public ContextAwareIterator(TaskContext context, scala.collection.Iterator<T> delegate)
  • Method Details

    • context

      public TaskContext context()
    • delegate

      public scala.collection.Iterator<T> delegate()
    • hasNext

      public boolean hasNext()
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      hasNext in interface scala.collection.Iterator<T>
    • next

      public T next()
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      next in interface scala.collection.Iterator<T>