Interface BisectingKMeansParams

All Superinterfaces:
HasDistanceMeasure, HasFeaturesCol, HasMaxIter, HasPredictionCol, HasSeed, HasWeightCol, Identifiable, Params, Serializable, scala.Serializable
All Known Implementing Classes:
BisectingKMeans, BisectingKMeansModel

public interface BisectingKMeansParams extends Params, HasMaxIter, HasFeaturesCol, HasSeed, HasPredictionCol, HasDistanceMeasure, HasWeightCol
Common params for BisectingKMeans and BisectingKMeansModel
  • Method Details

    • getK

      int getK()
    • getMinDivisibleClusterSize

      double getMinDivisibleClusterSize()
    • k

      The desired number of leaf clusters. Must be > 1. Default: 4. The actual number could be smaller if there are no divisible leaf clusters.
    • minDivisibleClusterSize

      DoubleParam minDivisibleClusterSize()
      The minimum number of points (if greater than or equal to 1.0) or the minimum proportion of points (if less than 1.0) of a divisible cluster (default: 1.0).
    • validateAndTransformSchema

      StructType validateAndTransformSchema(StructType schema)
      Validates and transforms the input schema.
      schema - input schema
      output schema