Class EmptyTerm


public class EmptyTerm extends Object
Placeholder term for the result of undefined interactions, e.g. '1:1' or 'a:1'
  • Constructor Details

    • EmptyTerm

      public EmptyTerm()
  • Method Details

    • asTerms

      public static asTerms()
    • add

      public static Term add(Term other)
    • subtract

      public static Term subtract(Term other)
    • interact

      public static Term interact(Term other)
    • canEqual

      public abstract static boolean canEqual(Object that)
    • equals

      public abstract static boolean equals(Object that)
    • productElement

      public abstract static Object productElement(int n)
    • productArity

      public abstract static int productArity()
    • productIterator

      public static scala.collection.Iterator<Object> productIterator()
    • productPrefix

      public static String productPrefix()