Class GeneralizedLinearRegressionTrainingSummary

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, scala.Serializable

public class GeneralizedLinearRegressionTrainingSummary extends GeneralizedLinearRegressionSummary implements scala.Serializable
Summary of GeneralizedLinearRegression fitting and model.

param: dataset Dataset to be summarized. param: origModel Model to be summarized. This is copied to create an internal model which cannot be modified from outside. param: diagInvAtWA diagonal of matrix (A^T * W * A)^-1 in the last iteration param: numIterations number of iterations param: solver the solver algorithm used for model training

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      public double[] coefficientStandardErrors()
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      public int numIterations()
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      public double[] pValues()
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      public String solver()
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      public double[] tValues()
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