Interface Saveable

All Known Implementing Classes:
BisectingKMeansModel, ChiSqSelectorModel, DecisionTreeModel, DistributedLDAModel, FPGrowthModel, GaussianMixtureModel, GradientBoostedTreesModel, IsotonicRegressionModel, KMeansModel, LassoModel, LDAModel, LinearRegressionModel, LocalLDAModel, LogisticRegressionModel, MatrixFactorizationModel, NaiveBayesModel, PowerIterationClusteringModel, PrefixSpanModel, RandomForestModel, RidgeRegressionModel, StreamingKMeansModel, SVMModel, Word2VecModel

public interface Saveable
Trait for models and transformers which may be saved as files. This should be inherited by the class which implements model instances.
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    Save this model to the given path.
  • Method Details

    • save

      void save(SparkContext sc, String path)
      Save this model to the given path.

      This saves: - human-readable (JSON) model metadata to path/metadata/ - Parquet formatted data to path/data/

      The model may be loaded using Loader.load.

      sc - Spark context used to save model data.
      path - Path specifying the directory in which to save this model. If the directory already exists, this method throws an exception.