Class CheckpointState


public class CheckpointState extends Object
Enumeration to manage state transitions of an RDD through checkpointing

[ Initialized --> checkpointing in progress --> checkpointed ]

  • Constructor Details

    • CheckpointState

      public CheckpointState()
  • Method Details

    • Initialized

      public static scala.Enumeration.Value Initialized()
    • CheckpointingInProgress

      public static scala.Enumeration.Value CheckpointingInProgress()
    • Checkpointed

      public static scala.Enumeration.Value Checkpointed()
    • toString

      public static String toString()
    • values

      public static scala.Enumeration.ValueSet values()
    • maxId

      public static final int maxId()
    • apply

      public static final scala.Enumeration.Value apply(int x)
    • withName

      public static final scala.Enumeration.Value withName(String s)