Interface SimpleMetricsCachedBatch

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public interface SimpleMetricsCachedBatch extends CachedBatch
A CachedBatch that stores some simple metrics that can be used for filtering of batches with the SimpleMetricsCachedBatchSerializer. The metrics are returned by the stats value. For each column in the batch 5 columns of metadata are needed in the row.
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    Holds stats for each cached column.

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    • sizeInBytes

      long sizeInBytes()
      Specified by:
      sizeInBytes in interface CachedBatch
    • stats

      org.apache.spark.sql.catalyst.InternalRow stats()
      Holds stats for each cached column. The optional upperBound and lowerBound should be of the same type as the original column. If they are null, then it is assumed that they are not provided, and will not be used for filtering.
      • upperBound (optional)
      • lowerBound (Optional)
      • nullCount: Int
      • rowCount: Int
      • sizeInBytes: Long
      These are repeated for each column in the original cached data.