Interface Batch

@Evolving public interface Batch
A physical representation of a data source scan for batch queries. This interface is used to provide physical information, like how many partitions the scanned data has, and how to read records from the partitions.
  • Method Details

    • planInputPartitions

      InputPartition[] planInputPartitions()
      Returns a list of input partitions. Each InputPartition represents a data split that can be processed by one Spark task. The number of input partitions returned here is the same as the number of RDD partitions this scan outputs.

      If the Scan supports filter pushdown, this Batch is likely configured with a filter and is responsible for creating splits for that filter, which is not a full scan.

      This method will be called only once during a data source scan, to launch one Spark job.

    • createReaderFactory

      PartitionReaderFactory createReaderFactory()
      Returns a factory to create a PartitionReader for each InputPartition.