Class EqualNullSafe

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, scala.Equals, scala.Product, scala.Serializable

public class EqualNullSafe extends Filter implements scala.Product, scala.Serializable
Performs equality comparison, similar to EqualTo. However, this differs from EqualTo in that it returns true (rather than NULL) if both inputs are NULL, and false (rather than NULL) if one of the input is NULL and the other is not NULL.

param: attribute of the column to be evaluated; dots are used as separators for nested columns. If any part of the names contains dots, it is quoted to avoid confusion.

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  • Constructor Details

    • EqualNullSafe

      public EqualNullSafe(String attribute, Object value)
  • Method Details

    • apply

      public abstract static R apply(T1 v1, T2 v2)
    • toString

      public static String toString()
    • attribute

      public String attribute()
    • value

      public Object value()
    • references

      public String[] references()
      Description copied from class: Filter
      List of columns that are referenced by this filter.

      Note that, each element in references represents a column. The column name follows ANSI SQL names and identifiers: dots are used as separators for nested columns, name will be quoted if it contains special chars.

      Specified by:
      references in class Filter
    • toV2

      public Predicate toV2()