Class LiveRDDPartition


public class LiveRDDPartition extends Object
Data about a single partition of a cached RDD. The RDD storage level is used to compute the effective storage level of the partition, which takes into account the storage actually being used by the partition in the executors, and thus may differ from the storage level requested by the application.
  • Constructor Details

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    • blockName

      public String blockName()
    • diskUsed

      public long diskUsed()
    • executors

      public scala.collection.Seq<String> executors()
    • memoryUsed

      public long memoryUsed()
    • next

      public LiveRDDPartition next()
    • prev

      public LiveRDDPartition prev()
    • update

      public void update(scala.collection.Seq<String> executors, long memoryUsed, long diskUsed)
    • value

      public RDDPartitionInfo value()