Class SerializedValuesHolder<T>

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public class SerializedValuesHolder<T> extends Object implements ValuesHolder<T>
A holder for storing the serialized values.
  • Constructor Details

    • SerializedValuesHolder

      public SerializedValuesHolder(BlockId blockId, int chunkSize, scala.reflect.ClassTag<T> classTag, org.apache.spark.memory.MemoryMode memoryMode, org.apache.spark.serializer.SerializerManager serializerManager)
  • Method Details

    • allocator

      public scala.Function1<Object,ByteBuffer> allocator()
    • bbos

      public bbos()
    • estimatedSize

      public long estimatedSize()
      Specified by:
      estimatedSize in interface ValuesHolder<T>
    • getBuilder

      public MemoryEntryBuilder<T> getBuilder()
      Description copied from interface: ValuesHolder
      Note: After this method is called, the ValuesHolder is invalid, we can't store data and get estimate size again.
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      getBuilder in interface ValuesHolder<T>
      a MemoryEntryBuilder which is used to build a memory entry and get the stored data size.
    • redirectableStream

      public redirectableStream()
    • serializationStream

      public SerializationStream serializationStream()
    • storeValue

      public void storeValue(T value)
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      storeValue in interface ValuesHolder<T>