Class OneVsRestModel

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, org.apache.spark.internal.Logging, ClassifierParams, ClassifierTypeTrait, OneVsRestParams, Params, HasFeaturesCol, HasLabelCol, HasPredictionCol, HasRawPredictionCol, HasWeightCol, PredictorParams, Identifiable, MLWritable, scala.Serializable

public final class OneVsRestModel extends Model<OneVsRestModel> implements OneVsRestParams, MLWritable
Model produced by OneVsRest. This stores the models resulting from training k binary classifiers: one for each class. Each example is scored against all k models, and the model with the highest score is picked to label the example.

param: labelMetadata Metadata of label column if it exists, or Nominal attribute representing the number of classes in training dataset otherwise. param: models The binary classification models for the reduction. The i-th model is produced by testing the i-th class (taking label 1) vs the rest (taking label 0).

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