Interface HasMaxBlockSizeInMB

All Superinterfaces:
Identifiable, Params, Serializable, scala.Serializable
All Known Subinterfaces:
AFTSurvivalRegressionParams, KMeansParams, LinearRegressionParams, LinearSVCParams, LogisticRegressionParams
All Known Implementing Classes:
AFTSurvivalRegression, AFTSurvivalRegressionModel, KMeans, KMeansModel, LinearRegression, LinearRegressionModel, LinearSVC, LinearSVCModel, LogisticRegression, LogisticRegressionModel

public interface HasMaxBlockSizeInMB extends Params
Trait for shared param maxBlockSizeInMB (default: 0.0). This trait may be changed or removed between minor versions.
  • Method Details

    • getMaxBlockSizeInMB

      double getMaxBlockSizeInMB()
    • maxBlockSizeInMB

      DoubleParam maxBlockSizeInMB()
      Param for Maximum memory in MB for stacking input data into blocks. Data is stacked within partitions. If more than remaining data size in a partition then it is adjusted to the data size. Default 0.0 represents choosing optimal value, depends on specific algorithm. Must be >= 0..