Class LiveRDD


public class LiveRDD extends Object
Tracker for data related to a persisted RDD.

The RDD storage level is immutable, following the current behavior of RDD.persist(), even though it is mutable in the RDDInfo structure. Since the listener does not track unpersisted RDDs, this covers the case where an early stage is run on the unpersisted RDD, and a later stage it started after the RDD is marked for caching.

  • Constructor Details

  • Method Details

    • diskUsed

      public long diskUsed()
    • distribution

      public LiveRDDDistribution distribution(org.apache.spark.status.LiveExecutor exec)
    • distributionOpt

      public scala.Option<LiveRDDDistribution> distributionOpt(org.apache.spark.status.LiveExecutor exec)
    • getDistributions

      public scala.collection.Map<String,LiveRDDDistribution> getDistributions()
    • getPartitions

      public scala.collection.Map<String,LiveRDDPartition> getPartitions()
    • info

      public RDDInfo info()
    • memoryUsed

      public long memoryUsed()
    • partition

      public LiveRDDPartition partition(String blockName)
    • removeDistribution

      public boolean removeDistribution(org.apache.spark.status.LiveExecutor exec)
    • removePartition

      public void removePartition(String blockName)
    • lastWriteTime

      public long lastWriteTime()
    • write

      public void write(org.apache.spark.status.ElementTrackingStore store, long now, boolean checkTriggers)