str.endswith(pattern: str, na: Optional[Any] = None) → ps.Series

Test if the end of each string element matches a pattern.

Equivalent to str.endswith().


Character sequence. Regular expressions are not accepted.

naobject, default None

Object shown if element is not a string. NaN converted to None.

Series of bool or object

pandas-on-Spark Series of booleans indicating whether the given pattern matches the end of each string element.


>>> s = ps.Series(['bat', 'Bear', 'cat', np.nan])
>>> s
0     bat
1    Bear
2     cat
3    None
dtype: object
>>> s.str.endswith('t')
0     True
1    False
2     True
3     None
dtype: object

Specifying na to be False instead of None.

>>> s.str.endswith('t', na=False)
0     True
1    False
2     True
3    False
dtype: bool