Class MultilayerPerceptronClassifier

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, org.apache.spark.internal.Logging, ClassifierParams, MultilayerPerceptronParams, ProbabilisticClassifierParams, Params, HasBlockSize, HasFeaturesCol, HasLabelCol, HasMaxIter, HasPredictionCol, HasProbabilityCol, HasRawPredictionCol, HasSeed, HasSolver, HasStepSize, HasThresholds, HasTol, PredictorParams, DefaultParamsWritable, Identifiable, MLWritable, scala.Serializable

Classifier trainer based on the Multilayer Perceptron. Each layer has sigmoid activation function, output layer has softmax. Number of inputs has to be equal to the size of feature vectors. Number of outputs has to be equal to the total number of labels.

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    • MultilayerPerceptronClassifier

      public MultilayerPerceptronClassifier(String uid)
    • MultilayerPerceptronClassifier

      public MultilayerPerceptronClassifier()
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