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AFTSurvivalRegression, ALS, Binarizer, BinaryClassificationEvaluator, BisectingKMeans, BucketedRandomProjectionLSH, Bucketizer, ChiSqSelector, ClusteringEvaluator, CountVectorizer, DCT, DecisionTreeClassifier, DecisionTreeRegressor, ElementwiseProduct, FeatureHasher, FMClassifier, FMRegressor, FPGrowth, GaussianMixture, GBTClassifier, GBTRegressor, GeneralizedLinearRegression, HashingTF, IDF, Imputer, IndexToString, Interaction, IsotonicRegression, KMeans, LDA, LinearRegression, LinearSVC, LogisticRegression, MaxAbsScaler, MinHashLSH, MinMaxScaler, MulticlassClassificationEvaluator, MultilabelClassificationEvaluator, MultilayerPerceptronClassifier, NaiveBayes, NGram, Normalizer, OneHotEncoder, PCA, PolynomialExpansion, PowerIterationClustering, QuantileDiscretizer, RandomForestClassifier, RandomForestRegressor, RankingEvaluator, RegexTokenizer, RegressionEvaluator, RFormula, RobustScaler, SQLTransformer, StandardScaler, StopWordsRemover, StringIndexer, Tokenizer, UnivariateFeatureSelector, VarianceThresholdSelector, VectorAssembler, VectorIndexer, VectorSizeHint, VectorSlicer, Word2Vec

public interface DefaultParamsWritable extends MLWritable
Helper trait for making simple Params types writable. If a Params class stores all data as Param values, then extending this trait will provide a default implementation of writing saved instances of the class. This only handles simple Param types; e.g., it will not handle Dataset.

See Also:
  • DefaultParamsReadable, the counterpart to this trait
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    Returns an MLWriter instance for this ML instance.

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      MLWriter write()
      Description copied from interface: MLWritable
      Returns an MLWriter instance for this ML instance.
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      write in interface MLWritable