Spark 1.1.0 released

We are happy to announce the availability of Spark 1.1.0! Spark 1.1.0 is the second release on the API-compatible 1.X line. It is Spark’s largest release ever, with contributions from 171 developers!

This release brings operational and performance improvements in Spark core including a new implementation of the Spark shuffle designed for very large scale workloads. Spark 1.1 adds significant extensions to the newest Spark modules, MLlib and Spark SQL. Spark SQL introduces a JDBC server, byte code generation for fast expression evaluation, a public types API, JSON support, and other features and optimizations. MLlib introduces a new statistics library along with several new algorithms and optimizations. Spark 1.1 also builds out Spark’s Python support and adds new components to the Spark Streaming module.

Visit the release notes to read about the new features, or download the release today.

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