Spark Release 1.2.1

Spark 1.2.1 is a maintenance release containing stability fixes. This release is based on the branch-1.2 maintenance branch of Spark. We recommend all 1.2.0 users to upgrade to this stable release. Contributions to this release came from 69 developers.

To download Spark 1.2.1 visit the downloads page.


Spark 1.2.1 contains bug fixes in several components. Some of the more important fixes are highlighted below. You can visit the Spark issue tracker for the full list of fixes.


  • Locks down file permissions for temporary file storage

Spark Core

  • Netty shuffle ignores spark.blockManager.port (SPARK-4837)
  • MetricsServlet does not initialize properly (SPARK-4595)
  • Repl and YARN dependencies are not published to Maven (SPARK-5289)
  • SparkConf is not thread safe (SPARK-5355)
  • Byte code errors when linking against Spark (SPARK-2075)


  • CACHE TABLE AS SELECT fails with Hive UDFs (SPARK-5187)
  • Attributes are case sensitive when using a select query from a projection (SPARK-4959)
  • Spark SQL built for Hive 13 fails under concurrent metadata queries (SPARK-4908)
  • Throw “Expression not in GROUP BY” when using same expression in group by clause and select clause (SPARK-4296)


  • Proper file clean up for write ahead logs (SPARK-5147)
  • Error with existing files during checkpoint recovery (SPARK-4835)
  • Socket Receiver does not stop when streaming context is stopped (SPARK-2892)



The following developers contributed to this release:

  • Aaron Davidson – Bug fixes in Core
  • Alex Liu – Improvements in Core and SQL; bug fixes in SQL
  • Andrew Ash – Documentation in Core
  • Andrew Or – Improvements in Core and YARN; bug fixes in Core and YARN
  • Bilna – Test in Streaming
  • Brennon York – Bug fixes in Core
  • Cheng Hao – Bug fixes in Core and SQL
  • Cheng Lian – Bug fixes in Core
  • Christophe Preaud – Improvements in Core
  • Dale Richardson – Improvement in Core
  • Davies Liu – Bug fixes in Core, MLlib, and PySpark
  • Derek Ma – Bug fixes in Shuffle
  • Earne – Improvements in Core and GraphX
  • GuoQiang Li – Bug fixes in Core and YARN
  • Hari Shreedharan – Bug fixes in Streaming
  • Ilayaperumal Gopinathan – Bug fixes in Streaming
  • Ilya Ganelin – Bug fixes in Core and Shuffle
  • Jacek Lewandowski – Bug fixes in Core
  • Jeremy Freeman – Bug fixes in MLlib and PySpark
  • Jongyoul Lee – Documentation in Streaming; bug fixes in Core and Mesos
  • Joseph K. Bradley – Bug fixes in Core, MLlib, and PySpark
  • Josh Rosen – Improvements in Core and SQL; new features in Core; bug fixes in Streaming and PySpark
  • Kanwaljit Singh – Bug fixes in Core
  • Kenji Kikushima – Bug fixes in GraphX
  • Kousuke Saruta – Bug fixes in Core and Web UI
  • Lianhui Wang – Bug fixes in Core
  • Madhu Siddalingaiah – Documentation in Core
  • Marcelo Vanzin – Bug fixes in Core
  • Michael Armbrust – Improvements in Core; bug fixes in SQL
  • Michael Davies – Improvements in SQL
  • Nan Zhu – Improvements and bug fixes in Streaming
  • Nathan Kronenfeld – Bug fixes in Core
  • Nicholas Chammas – Documentation in Core
  • Patrick Wendell – Improvements and documentation in Core
  • Peter Klipfel – Documentation in Core
  • Peter Vandenabeele – Documentation in Core
  • Ryan Williams – Improvements, bug fixes, and documentation in Core
  • SaintBacchus – Bug fixes in Core and YARN
  • Saisai Shao – Bug fixes in Core
  • Saisai Shao – Improvements in Streaming; bug fixes in Streaming and SQL; improvement in Streaming
  • Sandy Ryza – Improvements in Core
  • Sean Owen – Improvements in Core; wish in Core; documentation in Core; bug fixes in Java API, Core, and SQL
  • Shixiong Zhu – Improvements in Streaming and Shuffle; bug fixes in Core and Streaming; documentation in Core and YARN
  • Su Yan – Improvements in Core; bug fixes in Core and Web UI
  • Takeshi Yamamuro – Improvements and bug fixes in GraphX
  • Tathagata Das – Improvements and improvement in Streaming
  • Timothy Chen – Documentation in Core
  • Tingjun Xu – Bug fixes in YARN
  • Tsuyoshi Ozawa – Documentation in Core and YARN
  • UncleGen – Improvements in Web UI; bug fixes in Core
  • Venkata Ramana Gollamudi – Bug fixes in Core
  • Wang Tao – Bug fixes in Core
  • Xiangrui Meng – Documentation in MLlib
  • Xiaohua Yi – Bug fixes in SQL
  • Xiaojing Wang – Documentation in Core
  • Yash Datta – Bug fixes in SQL
  • Ye Xianjin – Bug fixes in Core
  • Yuhao Yang – Improvements and bug fixes in MLlib
  • Zhang, Liye – Improvements in Web UI

Thanks to everyone who contributed!

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