Spark Release 1.2.2

Spark 1.2.2 is a maintenance release containing stability fixes. This release is based on the branch-1.2 maintenance branch of Spark. We recommend all 1.2.1 users to upgrade to this stable release. Contributions to this release came from 39 developers.

To download Spark 1.2.2 visit the downloads page.


Spark 1.2.2 contains bug fixes in several components. Some of the more important fixes are highlighted below. You can visit the Spark issue tracker for the full list of fixes.

Spark Core

  • Thread safety problem in Netty shuffle (SPARK-6578)
  • Memory leak in JobProgressListener (SPARK-5967)
  • Unable to launch on YARN 2.5.0 and later (SPARK-4267)
  • YARN auxiliary shuffle issue in secure mode (SPARK-5655)


  • Jobs hang during collect operation (SPARK-6667)
  • Zip fails with serializer error (SPARK-5973)
  • Memory leak using Spark SQL with PySpark (SPARK-6055)
  • Hanging when using large broadcast variables (SPARK-5363)


The following developers contributed to this release:

  • Andrew Or – Bug fixes in Core and YARN
  • Andrew Rowson – Bug fixes in YARN
  • Anselme Vignon – Bug fixes in SQL
  • Brennon York – Bug fixes in GraphX
  • Cheng Hao – Bug fixes in Core
  • Cheolsoo Park – Bug fixes in YARN
  • Davies Liu – Improvements in PySpark; bug fixes in Streaming, Core, SQL, and PySpark; documentation in Core and PySpark
  • Emre Sevinc – Documentation in Core and MLlib; improvement in Core
  • Gen TANG – Bug fixes in EC2
  • Hari Shreedharan – Bug fixes in Streaming
  • Hung Lin – Bug fixes in scheduler
  • Iulian Dragos – Test in Streaming
  • Jacek Lewandowski – Bug fixes in Core
  • Jesper Lundgren – Bug fixes in Streaming
  • Josh Rosen – Bug fixes in Java API, Streaming, tests, and Core
  • Kashish Jain – Bug fixes in YARN
  • Kay Ousterhout – Bug fixes in Core and SQL
  • Kousuke Saruta – Improvements in Streaming and tests
  • Li Zhihui – Documentation in Core
  • Manoj Kumar – Improvements in MLlib
  • Matt Cheah – Bug fixes in Core
  • Michael Nazario – Bug fixes in PySpark
  • Mingyu Kim – Bug fixes in Core
  • Nathan McCarthy – Bug fixes in Core
  • Nicholas Chammas – Bug fixes in EC2
  • Peng Xu – Documentation in Core
  • Reynold Xin – Bug fixes in Core
  • Ryan Williams – Improvements in Core
  • Sean Owen – Improvements in EC2; bug fixes in Core, tests, YARN, Streaming, scheduler, and Web UI
  • Shixiong Zhu – Improvements in Shuffle
  • Tathagata Das – Bug fixes in Streaming and Web UI
  • Venkata Ramana Gollamudi – Improvement in Core
  • Vladimir Grigor – Bug fixes in EC2
  • Wang Tao – Bug fixes in Core
  • Winston Chen – Bug fixes in PySpark
  • Yin Huai – Bug fixes in SQL
  • Yuhao Yang – Bug fixes in MLlib
  • Zhan Zhang – Bug fixes in Core
  • Zhang, Liye – Bug fixes in Core

Thanks to everyone who contributed!

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