Spark Release 2.4.4

Spark 2.4.4 is a maintenance release containing stability fixes. This release is based on the branch-2.4 maintenance branch of Spark. We strongly recommend all 2.4 users to upgrade to this stable release.

Notable changes

  • [SPARK-26038]: Fix Decimal toScalaBigInt/toJavaBigInteger for decimals not fitting in long
  • [SPARK-26812]: Fix PushProjectionThroughUnion nullability issue
  • [SPARK-27798]: Fix from_avro not to modify variables in other rows in local mode
  • [SPARK-27907]: Spark 2.4.3 accidentally throws NPE when HiveUDAF meets 0 rows. Fixed to return NULL like all the other releases.
  • [SPARK-27992]: Fix PySpark socket server to sync with JVM connection thread future
  • [SPARK-28015]: Check stringToDate() consumes entire input for the yyyy and yyyy-[m]m formats
  • [SPARK-28308]: CalendarInterval sub-second part should be padded before parsing
  • [SPARK-28489]: KafkaOffsetRangeCalculator.getRanges may drop offsets
  • [SPARK-28699]: Cache an indeterminate RDD could lead to incorrect result while stage rerun
  • [SPARK-28780]: Spark 2.2 accidentally introduced the method LinearSVCModel.setWeightCol. This method works incorrectly, too. It is deprecated in 2.4.4 and will be removed in 3.0.0.

You can consult JIRA for the detailed changes.

We would like to acknowledge all community members for contributing patches to this release.

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