Spark Release 3.4.3

Spark 3.4.3 is a maintenance release containing security and correctness fixes. This release is based on the branch-3.4 maintenance branch of Spark. We strongly recommend all 3.4 users to upgrade to this stable release.

Notable changes

  • [SPARK-45580]: Handle case where a nested subquery becomes an existence join
  • [SPARK-46029]: Escape the single quote, _ and % for DS V2 pushdown
  • [SPARK-46092]: Don’t push down Parquet row group filters that overflow
  • [SPARK-46182]: Track lastTaskFinishTime using the exact task finished event
  • [SPARK-46189]: Perform comparisons and arithmetic between same types in various Pandas aggregate functions to avoid interpreted mode errors
  • [SPARK-46239]: Hide Jetty info
  • [SPARK-46275]: Protobuf: Return null in permissive mode when deserialization fails
  • [SPARK-46286]: Document
  • [SPARK-46330]: Loading of Spark UI blocks for a long time when HybridStore enabled
  • [SPARK-46339]: Directory with batch number name should not be treated as metadata log
  • [SPARK-46369]: Remove kill link from RELAUNCHING drivers in MasterPage
  • [SPARK-46400]: When there are corrupted files in the local maven repo, skip this cache and try again
  • [SPARK-46417]: Do not fail when calling hive.getTable and throwException is false
  • [SPARK-46466]: Vectorized parquet reader should never do rebase for timestamp ntz
  • [SPARK-46598]: OrcColumnarBatchReader should respect the memory mode when creating column vectors for the missing column
  • [SPARK-46628]: Use SPDX short identifier in license name
  • [SPARK-46700]: Count the last spilling for the shuffle disk spilling bytes metric
  • [SPARK-46704]: Fix MasterPage to sort Running Drivers table by Duration column correctly
  • [SPARK-46747]: Avoid scan in getTableExistsQuery for JDBC Dialects
  • [SPARK-46763]: Fix assertion failure in ReplaceDeduplicateWithAggregate for duplicate attributes
  • [SPARK-46779]: InMemoryRelation instances of the same cached plan should be semantically equivalent
  • [SPARK-46786]: Fix MountVolumesFeatureStep to use ReadWriteOncePod instead of ReadWriteOnce
  • [SPARK-46794]: Remove subqueries from LogicalRDD constraints
  • [SPARK-46801]: Do not treat exit code 5 as a test failure in Python testing script
  • [SPARK-46817]: Fix usage by adding decommission command
  • [SPARK-46861]: Avoid Deadlock in DAGScheduler
  • [SPARK-46862]: Disable CSV column pruning in the multi-line mode
  • [SPARK-46888]: Fix Master to reject /workers/kill/ requests if decommission is disabled
  • [SPARK-46893]: Remove inline scripts from UI descriptions
  • [SPARK-46945]: Add spark.kubernetes.legacy.useReadWriteOnceAccessMode for old K8s clusters
  • [SPARK-47063]: CAST long to timestamp has different behavior for codegen vs interpreted
  • [SPARK-47072]: Fix supported interval formats in error messages
  • [SPARK-47085]: Reduce the complexity of toTRowSet from n^2 to n
  • [SPARK-47125]: Return null if Univocity never triggers parsing
  • [SPARK-47146]: Possible thread leak when doing sort merge join
  • [SPARK-47177]: Cached SQL plan do not display final AQE plan in explain string
  • [SPARK-47187]: Fix hive compress output config does not work
  • [SPARK-47236]: Fix deleteRecursivelyUsingJavaIO to skip non-existing file input
  • [SPARK-47305]: Fix PruneFilters to tag the isStreaming flag of LocalRelation correctly when the plan has both batch and streaming
  • [SPARK-47318]: Adds HKDF round to AuthEngine key derivation to follow standard KEX practices
  • [SPARK-47368]: Remove inferTimestampNTZ config check in ParquetRowConverter
  • [SPARK-47370]: Add migration doc for TimestampNTZ type inference on Parquet files
  • [SPARK-47385]: Fix tuple encoders with Option inputs
  • [SPARK-47434]: Fix statistics link in StreamingQueryPage
  • [SPARK-47494]: Add migration doc for the behavior change of Parquet timestamp inference since Spark 3.3
  • [SPARK-47503]: Make makeDotNode escape graph node name always
  • [SPARK-47521]: Use Utils.tryWithResource during reading shuffle data from external storage
  • [SPARK-47537]: Fix error data type mapping on MySQL Connector/J
  • [SPARK-47646]: Make try_to_number return NULL for malformed input
  • [SPARK-47666]: Fix NPE when reading mysql bit array as LongType
  • [SPARK-47824]: Fix nondeterminism in pyspark.pandas.series.asof

Dependency Changes

While being a maintenance release we did still upgrade some dependencies in this release they are:

You can consult JIRA for the detailed changes.

We would like to acknowledge all community members for contributing patches to this release.

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